Kom ons lag n bietjie

Posted: Augustus 27, 2009 in Uncategorized

If you can imagine the scene you will laugh your head off!!!

balloon 1Tommy was playing in the house with his balloon. Throwing it this way and that, punching it up in the air, bouncing it off the walls until the balloon floated into the bathroom and into the toilet bowl. Tommy looked at this, pulled a face of disgust and left the balloon where it landed.

a Little while later his father entered the bathroom and promptly, without looking, sat down, with his magazine to do his “business”. On standing he looked with horror at the toilet bowl!!! The excrement had totally covered the balloon and the picture was of an immense and absurd gigantic mountain of shit.

Not wanting to believe what had just happened he quickly phoned his friend who was a doctor.

balloon 2“Gerald, I had a shit that just filled up the whole toilet, I’ve never seen so much shit in one shitting. It’s almost overflowing. I must have a serious problem”.

‘ Heck John you are most probably exaggerating!”

” What exaggaration. I am looking at all that shit now. It’s absurd. I must be very ill”.

“Ok, I’m on my way home but I’ll pop in as it’s on my way”.

The doctor arrived and went directly to the toilet where his friend was standing at the door waiting.

‘Hello John, where’s this business that you ….. What is this??????? For heaven’s sake what have you eaten?

“Didn’t I tell you? Now you believe me hey?

This is un-be-lie-vs-ble!!!!!!!

So you think I have a serious problem?

Well to start with I am going to take a sample!

Gerald, the doctor proceeded to take a small sterilized bottle out of his medical bag and when he pricked the “cake” to take his spicemen

………POW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The balloon popped and shit went flying to every crevice within the four walls of the bathroom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Absolute silence follows the eruption.

Both men encased in shit at each other and the doctor shouts…” Son of a bitch! I thought I had seen it all in this life, but a fart with a smell…never!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


moffie 1Die moffie besoek sy Giny omdat hy graag swanger wil raak. Die dokter voel dit is sy plig om die moffie te help en se vir die moffie dat hy n prop in sy hol moet druk. Vir 9 maande mag hy glad nie k@k nie.

Moffie begint toe omtrent om maternity wear te koop. Teen die sewende maand is die moffie lekker vet en sy pens is omtrent groot. Die moffie is behoorlik in sy skik met die swangerskap. Toe die moffie nou uiteindelik 9 maande is, kom Boswell Wilkie sirkus die dorp besoek. Die moffie besluit om na die sirkus te gaan.

Toe hy nog so rondloop op die gronde tydens n pouse hoor hy n snaakse geluid agter hom en skrik so groot dat die prop uitval.

moffie 3Skielik word hy oorval met pyn en hy is papnat gesweet. Die nood om te druk is groot. Onwillekeurig spuitpoep hy en voel omtrent verlig. Die geluid agter hom was toe al die tyd n klein apie. Toe hy omdraai en terug kyk, gee die apie een bree glimlag met sy gesig vol k@k.

Die moffie hak toe ewe af:  ” Jy lag nog ….. Mammie kon dood gewees het”!.

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