I am Thankful

Posted: Oktober 2, 2009 in Uncategorized

God wouldn’t give you the ability to dream without the ability to make your dreams come true.

BEAR 4I am Thankful …

I can walk – There are those who never taken their first step.

I am Thankful …

I can see the beauty all around me – There are those whose world is always dark.

BEAR 7I am Thankful …

I can hear music playing – There are those who entire has been spent in silence.

I am Thankful …

My heart can be broken – Ther are those who are so hardened they cannot be touched.

BEAR  5I am Thankful …

I can move about free and express my belief – There are those who live in constant fear.

I am Thankful …

I have been loved – There are those for whom no one has ever cared.

BEAR 8I am Thankful …

I can work – There are those who have to depend on others for even the most basic needs.

I am Thankful …

For the opportunity to help others – There are those who have not been so abundantly blessed as I.

The loveliest day comes when YOU wake up to find that love still covers your world thru’ people who

truly care & never fail to remember YOU.BEAR 1

  1. ingrid sê:

    Lekker dankbare naweek vir jou, ja soms is dit die gewone dinge wat ons as vanselfsprkened aanvaar totdat dit weg is.

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